Newberry a shining example for community

Nothing can be more gratifying then seeing a child happy. For children who are placed in foster care, the experience and associated trauma they experience in being removed from their homes doesn’t allow for much happiness. It takes a committed community to accept these children as “all of our children” and see to it they have the best we can give them. For the past six years, Mike Newberry of The Shop Auto and Truck Repair in Alpena, has provided foster care children in our community with a brand new bike. This year, he outdid himself by providing 40 brand new bicycles to some very happy kids. We as a community are fortunate to have someone like Mike Newberry. His commitment to children and his inspiration to pay it forward has planted seeds of happiness in the lives of some very traumatized children.

John D. Keller


Alcona/Alpena/Montmorency Dept. Of Human Services