Go get ’em Hurons

Let’s Go Lady Hurons!

The Rogers City softball team returns to the state final four in a Division 4 semifinal game today. If victorious, the Hurons will play in the state championship game Saturday.

Hopefully their run will end Saturday with the girls hoisting a state championship trophy. Either way, however, it has been a wild ride for a group of young ladies who have come to expect great things from themselves, and their teammates. Last year the team advanced to the semifinals as well, eventually losing to Kalamazoo Christian.

This year the entire region is rooting for a different finish. The talent is there for this group to definitely win it all. They have the experience and, when combined with a solid defense and strong offense, it should make a difference later today.

If the girls can capture a little of the magic that has got them this far, anything is possible this weekend.

We hope the ball bounces in all the right directions today and by the end of the day tomorrow, those cheers we hear are the sounds of sweet success from East Lansing.