Twp. considers assessment for road district

ALPENA – The Alpena Township Board of Trustees hosted a public hearing for the purposal of creating a special assessment district for North Point Shores Road. The two-year assessment will collect $38,000 a year from property owners on the road, which will be used for maintenance on it.

Unlike some public comment sessions regarding assessments, there was no opposition, though several people voiced approval of the assessment. The annual cost for taxpayers will range from $320 a year to $2,400 and be due on July 1.

Township Supervisor Marie Twite said the North Point Road Private Road District will determine how the money will be spent on the road.

“It is a three mile road and the money will be used for snow plowing in the winter, to purchase gravel or get potholes fixed,” Twite said. “What ever the association determines the road needs and there is the funds to cover it.”

Twite said there was only one letter of opposition received and more than half of the property owners in the new district were in favor of paying the extra taxes to have more control over how the money is used on the road. She said typically there is much more opposition.

“We had better than 75 percent approval, so that was a good thing,” Twite said. “I am surprised nobody came tonight to speak against it, because there almost always is. Normally we always have someone who comes and tells us how they can’t afford it, and we understand that, but I believe in this case the people in that neighborhood think this is a fair price to pay.”

In other business:

  • the trustees received a request from a group of citizens to consider passing a resolution that would allow for the creation of a South Bay Corridor Improvement Authority. No action was taken.
  • the township collected $97,433 in construction permit collection year to date and $5,952 in electrical permit fees.

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