Men’s Softball

Evo split a pair of games with Miller/Eagles during recent men’s softball action.

Evo won the first game 5-4 and finished with 13 hits. Evo’s leading hitters were: Bob Berry (3 hits. home run); Kavin Graham (2 hits, home run) and Matt Ponik (2 hits).

Miller/Eagles finished with four runs on 12 hits. Jason Barbeau and Craig Knechtel each had three hits and Mike Sheldon and Craig Stepaniak each had two hits.

Miller/Eagles won the second game 8-2 after taking a 3-0 lead after two innings. The Eagles finished with 17 hits. Craig Knechtel and Brian Penn each had three hits and Matt Suszek and Keith Matthews each had two hits.

Evo was limited to two runs in the fourth inning and finished with 10 hits. Kevin Willis led Evo with 2 hits.