ARMC Walk with Ease begins June 10

Alpena Regional Medical Center’s Walk with Ease program begins in Alpena June 10.

The walk with ease program is led by a certified instructor and meets three times per week for six weeks. All members of the program receive a Walk With Ease guidebook that provides information, support, and tools needed to help set and achieve goals, including new customized walk-for-fitness routines, stretching exercises, and heart-rate monitoring techniques. The program is free to the participants.

ARMC Walk With Ease begins Tuesday and will meet every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday for 6-weeks. Two group sessions are available, session 1 will meet at 7:30 a.m. at the Alpena Mall and aession 2 will meet at 10:30 a.m. at Northern Lights Arena. Walks will be indoor or outdoor depending on weather and walking abilities.

Walk with Ease is for people with arthritis or other physically limiting chronic health condition, those young and old, male and female, fit or not-so-fit. Or for the person who needs the confidence and motivation to get moving.

Contact ARMC Community Health Education to sign up for the ARMC Walk with Ease Alpena program at 356-8124. Classes also forming in surrounding communities in July, call to inquire. Visit for more information about the walk with ease program or additional events at ARMC.