Tea party benefits Cancer Center, educates community

The 7th Annual Blue Hydrangea Tea party continues to benefit the Alpena Cancer Center and provides the community with education on ovarian cancer. Missi LeFave, owner of The Marketplace @ Alpena and her staff bring out all the extras during the week long event. The goal of Blue Hydrangea tea parties is to bring women together to learn about this disease and to support the agencies whose mission it is to educate others and promote research into better treatments and early detection.

In addition to providing education and awareness of ovarian cancer, there were special promotions and activities throughout her store. Also, LeFave donates a percent of the sales during the week to the Alpena Cancer Center.

“I’m so proud to be part of this community who continues to be so generous to such a great cause,” LeFave said. “We distributed information about ovarian cancer which is our main goal during the week. The more information women have about the disease, the earlier the disease can be detected. This disease has affected me personally and this is a way that I can increase awareness and education about ovarian cancer. “

All women are at risk of developing ovarian cancer. Because of its ambiguous symptoms, most women don’t recognize them as symptoms of ovarian cancer. Unfortunately, by the time the symptoms are recognized, ovarian cancer can be in the more advanced or end stages. As with all cancer, surviving ovarian cancer is dependent on detecting it early. The same rule applies here as it does to any other cancer: A good prognosis depends on an early diagnosis.

LeFave recently presented a donation of $1,500 to ARMC Development Council.

“This donation will provide advanced technology and education to patients of the Alpena Cancer Center,” Ann Diamond, director ARMC Development Council, said. “Support like this from the community and our continued partnership with the University of Michigan Health System will ensure we are at the forefront of the battle against cancer.”

For more information about the Alpena Cancer Center visit www.myarmc.org.