Women’s Softball

Sportspage defeated Where My Pitches At in two games in recent women’s softball action.

Sportspage won the first game 9-6 and was led by Tiffany Wolosyzk (3 hits), Julie DePrekel (3 hits), Brook Spomer (2 hits) and Brittany Schrader (2 hits).

Where My Pitches At was led by Ashley Showalter (3 hits), Allison Rogers (1 hit), Catie Fitzpatrick (1 hit), Katie Barrett (1 hit), Jackie Spencer (1 hit) and Erin Willis (1 hit).

Sportspage won the second game 17-11. Sportspage was led by Krystal Marotta (3 hits), Christin Sobeck (3 hits), Lynn Talaska (3 hits), Cassandra Shaw (4 hits, home run), Mary Wozniak (2 hits) and Tiffany Wolosyzk (2 hits).

Where My Pitches At was led by Erin Willis (4 hits), Maci Schook (4 hits) and Michelle Eagling (2 hits, home run).