Maybe Leonard Pitts should move to Mexico

Come on. Not another column by Far Left Leonard Pitts. Why doesn’t Far Left Leonard move to Mexico. Mexico has the strictest gun laws in the hemisphere. Of course, along with Chicago, LA, and New York, all of which have the strictest gun laws, it has the highest murder rate imaginable. But that doesn’t make any difference. They have the strictest gun laws and that’s what really matters. It doesn’t matter that they take away from the small, the weak, the vulnerable the great equalizer, a gun, so that they can protect themselves from all kinds of predators. It was liberals, of course, who engineered the closing of all the institutions housing the incurably insane, even those criminally insane, such as the one in Traverse City. I guess they didn’t want to violate the so called “civil rights” of those poor souls. Then they turned them all loose on the communities around the country, some of them causing all kinds of mayhem. You know, Leonard, in order to make the country a really safe place, why not take all the guns away from all the citizens, the police, the military, the prison guards, the border guards. You know, like Hitler did in Germany, the former Soviet Union, Communist China, Cuba, and those other wonderful regimes where peace prevails. Just think how happy the Germans, the Russians, the Chinese, the Cubans, and others must have been when they were privileged to live in a gun free zone. You know Leonard, you really ought to think about Mexico.

Earl W. Elowsky