Do something about cats, white trash bags

I have two issues 1) cats roaming free, and 2) seagulls getting into white trash bags.

I am not a cat hater nor a cat lover, I just want to ask owners of cats to please keep them inside if you live in the city. If you lived on a farm, you might need to let them roam. I feed the birds in my back yard, cats kills them; I have a sand box for my grandkids, cats use it to relieve themselves; I have a porch that cats have decided to spend their nights under; cats mate under my bedroom window at night to produce more unwanted cats. Why isn’t there a city ordinance that requires cat owners to keep them inside or on a leash like dog owners have to. They could be feral cats – then they should be picked up by animal control if we call.

The second issue is people who put their trash curbside in white trash bags. Seagulls will not bother trash in black bags. We have wonderful people that pick up trash, but they should not have to go up and down the streets picking up nasty garbage from ripped open white trash bags.

Candy Nehring