Weather in May normal

The month of May snapped a six-month streak of consecutive months below the average normal temperature in Alpena. The month began with unseasonable cold, but rebounded with mild weather to average out the month weather-wise.

According to the National Weather Service in Gaylord the average temperature for the month ended at 52.5. Meteorologist Tim Locker said there were four days at the beginning of the month where low temperatures were at or below freezing. He said once the weather warmed it boosted the climate data to where it is historically.

“Actually May ended up pretty normal,” Locker said. “It started cold and below average, but the warm spell we had the last 10 days or so brought the average temperature up to where is typically is this time of year.”

Locker said there was even a trace of snow in some spots in the Alpena area, which he said is not unusual in the early parts of May. He said overall there was 2.31 inches of precipitation, just a bit below the 2.67 average for Alpena.

“We normally get about 0.2 inches of snow in May, so if you did experience a trace on the ground is completely normal,” Locker said. “It should be rare if it would have stayed on the ground for any extended amount of time however, but it didn’t.”

There were no records that were set for the month and no warnings issued for severe weather. Locker said June could see temperatures remain a little below normal. He said the heavy ice on the lake, which lasted longer than normal will play a key role in how warm or cold it is in Northeast Michigan.

“The water temperature affects the weather a lot. It could be 79 degrees and if there is a breeze off of the lake, it could drop it to 52 degrees,” Locker said. “We have been seeing that quite often the last few weeks.”

Locker said the latest water temperature data shows Thunder Bay is about 59 degrees, which is much warmer than the 41 degrees in the open water. He said the bay warms quicker due to its shallow depth and sandy bottom. Locker said the NWS expects the water to warm more slowly this summer because of how late into the spring ice covered Lake Huron.

May 15 was the windiest day of the month when the average speed was 12.3 miles an hour. The highest wind gust was recorded May 9 at 28 miles an hour at Alpena County Regional Airport.

For the next 10 days Locker said temperatures will hover in the mid 60s and fall to the high 40s or low 50s at night. He said rain is expected to return to the area Sunday and Sunday night.

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