Takes exception to editorial about EITC

Dear Alpena News, I read with interest your editorial about the Earned Income Tax Credit. But …we come to the end of the article, and a gratuitous partisan comment raised questions as to the journalistic integrity of the author. Meanwhile, IRS officials need to take EITC fraud at least as seriously as they do harassing conservative ‘non-profit’ groups’, was thrown in as a dig at the IRS, which is okay in and of itself, but inaccurate. The misuse of 501(c)(4)non profit funds being funneled to political action, which (wink wink) is a no-no, is a legitimate function of the IRS. Tea Party rabble rousers took exception because they felt “singled out,” and made a big issue of it, only to find that in all actuality, all groups seeking the designation as a non-profit received scrutiny. Dig a little deeper, beyond the top 10 responses to a google inquiry, please. Your readers deserve a balanced report.

Michael Spicer