Resident asks road commission to abandon road

The Alpena County Road Commission is considering a request regarding the abandonment of the right-of-way at the end of Anderson Road, which is off of Monahan Point road in Alpena Township.

The road only has a pair of homes on it and extends beyond the driveway of houses nearest the end of the road. In the request Jeffrey Vigue said he is requesting the abandonment because the road is maintained further north than what is needed and the road commission should not have to bear the cost of it when he is the only one who benefits from it.

Currently Vigue has a gate blocking access to the end of the road, which he said he knows is illegal and thus if the county abandoned the end of the road, the gate, which is used to keep people off Vigue’s property, could remain in place.

Managing Director Larry Orcutt said the road commission will have to see if it is feasible to abandon the road, and find a place for county trucks to turn around on Anderson Road, before making a recommendation to the board. He said right now it is nearly impossible for vehicles to turn around at the end of the road, and an new turnaround area may need to be built closer to Monahan Point Road. Orcutt said before the matter moves forward, the petitioner will have to pay for a public hearing, so people who may be for or against the move have a chance to voice their opinions.

“Our policy is to get a $200 deposit, which will go toward the public hearing,” Orcutt said. “It is typically more than that, but this at least helps them to follow through with what they start and help cover the cost somewhat.”

There is no public hearing on the matter scheduled and Orcutt still has to gather some information on the measurements of the road and the length in question, before deciding on what he will recommend.

In other business:

* the commissioners voted to enter into road agreements with Green, Long Rapids, Ossineke and Sanborn townships for road projects.

* Orcutt said the road commission will be working with Huron Pines again this summer on some stream crossing culvert projects.

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