Beware the next gov’t takover by Obamacore

Don’t be fooled by Obamacore.

The above title is not a typo. There is a new Obama menace on the political horizon. America has Obamacare designed to destroy the medical profession and now its Obamacore which, if fully implemented, will destroy public education as we know it.

Proponents of Common Core (Obamacore) would like the ever gullible public to believe that it is not a federal government plan. Facts are the plan came about in a national governor’s conference a few years ago but it was found to fit the Obama Government’s plan of total control of education so it is now being pushed by the Feds. We now find that some governors, possessing a more sound mind, see the pitfalls of this planned government take-over of education.

Just as with Obamacare, Obamacore has to be implemented before we know what it contains. Essentially what Obamacore is designed to do is to establish education standards across the states that will ensure students graduating from high school are prepared to enter a university or the work force. Whenever any program says they are developing standards that fit everyone, Americans should become alarmed. Those who would force this system on America say you can keep your curriculum, we just want to tell you what should be on achievement tests. Sounds a lot like you can keep your doctor but we will decide what a treatable-condition is.

Like Obamacare the new education control plan comes with increased risk of losing your family’s personal identity. Under Obamacore when a child is first enrolled in pre-school a record begins that contains the entire child’s family history and then follows the child for all their school years.

We the people want to warn America about another takeover.

Call our governor. (517) 373-3400.

Bob Lamb