Montmorency wants new Veterans Trust administrator

ATLANTA – The Montmorency County Board of Commissioners approved a motion to send a letter to the Veterans Trust Committee recommending Larry Pascador be appointed as the new fund administrator.

“I would like to ask the state and our local Veterans Trust Board to replace the veterans trust administrator,” chair Gene Thornton said. “In my opinion, he’s not doing his job.”

The Veterans Trust Fund Committee is appointed by the board of commissioners, and the board approves the appointments by the committee.

The letter sent to the trust fund committee urged the appointment of Larry Pascador as the administrator of the Michigan Veterans Trust Fund. The money in the fund has been spent on administration and not on the veterans, the reason the fund was set up for, Thornton said.

“We have money sitting in those funds to use for the veterans,” Thornton said. “If we’re not going to spend the money, they’re not going to give us any more. There’s Veterans Trust Fund money available, so we need to get it to these veterans that need it. That’s what it’s for, and we’re not currently doing that.”

Board members said the current administrator was disrespectful in handling questions about the situation with the fund. The motion to send the request for appointment letter was passed 5-0.

The board approved to hire Linda Uchwal as the new secretary for the board. Uchwal will be replacing Debbie Nagel, who has worked for the county for over 10 years. Nagel’s last day will be May 30. Uchwal was hired in at a salary of $13.75 per hour, and will be full time with benefits starting May 27. There were 13 applications considered for the job, five applicants were interviewed, and Uchwal was the most qualified.

In other business:

  • the board agreed to approve the purchase of a computer and printer not to exceed $1,000, for the maintenance department.
  • the board declined payment of a bill from last year’s auditors, Anderson, Tackman and Company, PLC. The company sent a bill to the county for supplying information to the auditors who were performing this year’s audit. The board contends that this information should have been provided in the previous audit, and was apparently not, which is one of the reasons the board chose a different auditor for the county this year. A letter will be sent to Anderson, Tackman and Company explaining the board’s position.
  • the next scheduled board meeting is May 28 at 9 a.m.

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