Editorial: May a perfect month to become more active

After a much-too-long winter and belated start to warmer weather, we finally have what is beginning to resemble spring, and just in time. This month is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and it’s the perfect reminder to get a little more active. And, it’s a nature fit as we try to rev up for summer.

This time of year we see people outside walking and riding bicycles, working in their yards or playing with their kids. It’s a time we all get excited about shaking off the winter doldrums and re-energizing our lives.

On top of just enjoying the nicer weather and being active is good for your health. Not only can it help shed weight, but being active can help with your blood pressure and lower your cholesterol, help with Type 2 diabetes, and improve your overall health in many ways.

Just getting outside and doing any kind of physical activity is good for you. Anything from walking the dog to a long bike ride can help with your fitness. If one thing doesn’t excite you, then try something else. There is bound to be some activity that appeals to you that can provide healthy benefits.

So get outside and enjoy the nicer weather. You’ll be glad you did.