Disappointed in The News, Rep. Benishek

Your recent story featuring Congressman Dan Benishek focusing on health care and supposed cuts to Medicare through the Affordable Care Act struck me.

For a Congressman so concerned with Health care I thought it interesting Do Nothing Dan, as I call him, still has not returned a phone call to his office that I placed several months ago regarding problems I, and some of my colleagues, have had with our health insurance and our recent retirements.

I had contacted Sen. Debbie Stabenow, who got me answers within 48 hours.

But what really disappoints me about the Benishek story is its complete lack of effort to find balance.

Benishek insinuates the health care law will cut so drastically that dialysis patients’ service could be eliminated. This is nothing more than a conservative attacking point that has been proven false by multiple media and online sources.

For instance, on Feb. 14, the watchdog service Politifact.com stated the law affects not Medicare but Medicare Advantage, which was started by President George W. Bush “in hopes he increased competition would reduce costs. But those plans are actually costlier than traditional Medicare. So the Health Car Law reduces payment to private insurers.

“The goal is to get health care providers to increase their efforts and quality of care instead of cutting benefits for seniors.”

The website continues “It’s also worth noting that the preferred plan of Republicans in 2012, Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget, assumed the same cuts to Medicare.”

The News lack of reporting this side of the story is yet another example of this paper’s lack of integrity. Shame on the Alpena News, and shame on Congressman Benishek. If he spent as much time listening to his constituents as he did making photo-op appearances perhaps I’d consider voting for him in November.

Gerald Wenzel

Rogers City