League of Women Voters reviews state positions on education

The League of Women Voters of Alpena County recently reviewed, as did leagues throughout Michigan, their current state position on education and made recommendations for updating.

LWV is a grassroots organization, and selection of future state study topics is based on suggestions from each local league in Michigan. Changes and additions are arrived at by consensus of members and forwarded to the state LWV.

Education areas covered at the meeting included: structure, financing and goals; public school academics; teacher and administration certification; teacher and administration evaluation; and new proposals: per-school, post-secondary and new forms of learning.

Background information was presented by league members Ann Hardesty, Sue Maxwell, Kay Ogger, Jane Speer and Judi Stillion. Pauline Buchner will compile the consensus comments and send them to the state LWV. After the study topics are chosen, local leaguers will study, discuss and come to agreement before taking any action.

LWV is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government through education and advocacy. Membership is open to all interested citizens, both men and women.

For more information, go online to www.lwvalpenacounty.org.