Onaway commissioners avoid recall

ONAWAY – Two Onaway city commissioners will keep their seats after voters chose them over their challengers in Tuesday’s recall election.

Unofficial results show Commissioner Ron Horrocks received 92 votes to challenger Brad Porter’s 74, according to city Clerk/Treasurer Kelli Stockwell. Commissioner Bernie Schmeltzer received 84 to challenger Ron Marsh’s 59 and Richard Norman’s 23.

The recall was filed by former Police Chief Jim Gibson as a result of city commissioners’ decision to not renew his contract and eliminate his department in 2013.

Judy Shaloy had filed similar language against Mayor Gary Wregglesworth and Commissioners Chuck Abshagen and Jessie Horrocks. Abshagen and Wregglesworth weren’t recalled, but Jessie Horrocks was unseated for five weeks by Marsh in November 2013. She was elected to another two-year term, and retook her seat in January.

Schmeltzer thanked everyone for supporting him and Horrocks, and believes the majority of people support the decisions commissioners made.

“I feel gratified,” he said. “If it was a regular election, to me it would be different because a recall means you did something wrong. Obviously, I think the voters agreed with us that we did not.”

Horrocks said he was glad to see the outcome, and added he thinks the people have indicated city commissioners are on the right track.

“We’re going to try to keep on that same path,” he said.

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