Township rejects city’s water rates

ALPENA – The Alpena Township Board of Trustees approved a resolution to reject the city’s water and sewer rates to the township that were proposed in a notice from the city manager on April 14. Township attorney Jim Florip said negotiations have been “sort of moving along, but not very fast.”

“It’s interesting to note that both the city and the township have hired outside consult to try and assist the parties to move this to some type of resolution,” Florip said. “In the meantime, the city has notified the township by a few letters … that they were imposing new rates upon the township effective May 1, rates the township doesn’t agree with. We don’t believe they’re in accordance with the 1977 agreement which established the relationship between the city and the township.”

Florip and the township consult recommended and reviewed the resolution that was approved, which states the township received the notice of rate increases for water and sewer services from the city, and those increases are not in accordance with the 1977 agreement. The resolution also states the township and city have been involved in good faith negotiations to resolve any differences in proposed rates.

“There have been good faith negotiations going on between our outside consult,” Florip said. “We think it’s important to at least acknowledge that the township has received that letter, and more important to reject the proposed rates, but directing the township and its administration continue its good faith negotiations with the city.”

The resolution passed with full board approval, along with the understanding the township will continue to engage in good faith negotiations with the City of Alpena to seek a resolution to the water and sewer rates.

In other business:

* approval was granted to rename the Paintball Park on the Long Lake Park property to “Alpena Township Sports Field,” and gave the park an address for a more convenient location. The park has sparked the interest of the Northern Michigan Airsoft Group, which has offered to clean up the field.

* a motion to do five gravel projects on portions of Misery Bay Road, Partridge Point Road, Naylor Road, Truckey Road and Haken Road was passed.

* Alpena Township South Side Fire Department Capt. Jim Seguin will be retiring near the end of June after over 25 years of service with the department. The township plans to hold interviews of highly qualified interested candidates from within the department.

* the fire department was approved to purchase a used ladder truck, and to administer repairs on the truck for up to $10,000. With the purchase of the truck, the department will need additional storage, and the Department of Public Works garage will be seeing a few renovations to accommodate the 1985 Ford truck for a cost of around $6,000.

* cleanup day is May 17 from 8 a.m.- p.m.

* the next regular scheduled meeting will be June 2 at 7 p.m.