Murch: Here comes the rain again … and again

During the winter, the most-often heard refrain was the worn out, but tried and true, “Is it cold enough for you?” It’s an annoying question because it seems like the person asking it hasn’t nothing else to say to you as an opener. It’s an awkward ice breaker at best, and rather dumb in general (“how are you?” is a more appropriate greeting, don’t you think?).

This spring (or sprinter – spring with winter hanging on at the end) it could be “Is it wet enough for you?” To which my response would be an emphatic “yes.” Someone with a rain-catch water system probably has their tank overflowing.

The best thing about water, when drinking it, is that it’s wet. After a while, rain quits having a “best” thing about it because it’s too much. For me, at least, that point where it became too much was about 10 days ago.

I’ve grown tired of still dressing in layers. For the winter it was for warmth, now it’s to stay dry. I realize it’s northern Michigan and we always carry extras – extras boots, extra coats, extra hats and so on, depending on the season – but it’s bordering on the ridiculous.

It is May after all, and those April showers won’t lead to May flowers if the April showers keep on coming. I’m longing for the day when I don’t have to take an inventory of clothing to make sure I have something for all weather occurrences.

My back yard is a lake right now. And, I have a feeling that a pair of ducks will remember it fondly as that romantic spot where their ducklings were conceived. Every day since the mini lake in my back yard reformed (it had disappeared temporarily last week) a duck couple has been splashing around. I assume it’s the same male and female since it seems odd that a different paired-up duck couple would find the over-sized puddle behind my house every day.

If it isn’t the same pair then my back yard apparently is on the duck equivalent of, and it has a four- or five-star rating. I can see the reviews now:

  • “It’s a cozy little watering hole just a few blocks from the busy water highway that is the Thunder Bay River.”
  • “It has plenty of late-day sun for a romantic setting in the evening; perfect for cozying up to your partner to share a splash down.”
  • “The trees help you easy into the morning with shadows cast across the water so you can take your time embracing the day.”
  • “I wish he’d get rid of the #&*^%! robins.” (There has to be at least one negative review, right?)

So if the ducks name their young, at least one of them should be Steve in my way of thinking. After all, I’m providing them a love pond to galavant about.

But back to my point, I’m tired of the rain. In the same breath, though, it’s necessary to remember that even though we are getting rain – and this year’s April was the third wettest on record – we aren’t losing homes, experiencing great losses or seeing people die because of devastating tornadoes.

When put into perspective like that, the rain isn’t nearly that bad. We, I, can get by with a little more rain (which apparently we’ll have to do with rain in the forecast for Saturday).

And if there’s one thing I can say about this spring, I helped the duck population this year. I just hope they remember my back yard fondly.

Stay dry everybody.

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