Editorial: Foster parents offer much-needed stability for kids

We wish there was no need for foster parents in the world today.

But this isn’t utopia, and the stark reality is children aren’t born into this world accompanied by training manuals. Thus, some children find themselves in situations where their world seems upside down, where often they may be forced to be more the parent than the child or where abuse and/or neglect is all too prevalent.

In those situations foster parents provide an important role as a shelter, a transitional point to regroup or a safe environment to reconnect with life as it was meant to be experienced.

This month is Foster Care Month, a time to honor those families whose love for others is so strong that they open up their own homes to children in need. We applaud their efforts and recognize them this morning for their spirit of service above self.

Stability is important in all our lives, but especially so for children. Stability is even more important for children who come from unhealthy home situations, such as those needing foster care.

Foster homes provide that stability, provide that lifeline to innocent children caught up in the storms of circumstances.

Yes, we wish there wasn’t a need for foster parents. But because there is, we are so grateful for those who have volunteered to “stand in the gap” for these innocent children.