How to teach both evolution and creation

How could creation and evolution be taught as models in the public schools?

As a Model

Since both Creation and Evolution cannot be Scientifically Tested (that means Earth’s origin cannot be repeatable in a scientific experiment), they could each be taught as a Model and applied to the observable world around us to see which of the two explains the real world more completely.

As a Belief

Since both the Creation Model and the Evolution Model are belief systems, and they each qualify as a Religion, should both be taught in the public schools? Parents wishing to have their children taught just one Model or the other could seek schools that do just that.

How both Models could work

* The Creation Model and the Evolution Model believe that Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest do occur.

* The Evolution Model proposes that, due to Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest, new kinds of organisms can be produced even though there does not exist a mechanism that can change the genetic makeup from one organism to another (as in the “Monkeys to Man” theory).

* In the Creation Model, the existence of different kinds of organisms, as in plants, animals, and Man, is due to God’s creation, as stated in the book of Genesis in the Bible.

* Since there is a difference in regard to origins, these two Models could be used in the Public School without demanding that we believe one or the other. Example: To study the Life Cycle of a Butterfly does not require knowing how butterflies originated. Today the Evolution Model is demanding to be the only teaching Model acceptable in the Public School. Public awareness to change this discrepancy is the responsibility of us all.

Marlin Goebel