Editorial: Keep the focus on the road ahead

By now nearly all of the snowbirds have returned from their winter residences, the weather has changed enough to bring out walkers and bikers, and residents are outside more often, especially kids. It all adds up to one thing – more activity on and along our streets and roads.

It happens this time every year: traffic picks and there are more people to be aware of when you are driving. With the busier conditions, it should go without saying that drivers need to be more aware of their surroundings. It should go without saying, but too many drivers don’t pay attention as well as they should.

If you look around, you’ll see plenty of drivers not observing speed limits or driving according to the rules of the road. They are having conversations on cell phones or looking for something on the seat next to them, everything but looking at the road ahead. These could lead to fender benders or worse.

Your first responsibility when driving is the road. Your responsibility isn’t the radio, the cell phone or anything else not related to driving.

We know and understand distractions happen, and sometimes can’t be avoided. However, by taking care of them and limiting them before you put the vehicle into Drive you reduce the chances of something taking your focus off the road.

Our streets and roads are busier, let’s make sure they are safe as well.