Editorial: New trees will make Starlite even more appealing

Hats off to the city and The Home Depot, as this afternoon 12 trees will be planted at Starlite Beach along the walkways and near the play structure. The Home Depot Community Team will be planting the trees after receiving approval from the city.

Home Depot continues to be involved in the community and its team of employee volunteers shows that those of us who live here appreciate it and want to make it a great place to live and play. They set a good example for the rest of us to follow.

The city should be commended for its continued efforts to make Starlite an attractive and user-friendly location for recreation. By acquiring the Beach Motel and having it removed, the city made the area more of a green area near the beach.

With the previous addition of the pavilion and restrooms, the new trees will give the area the feel of a park next to the beach, an area with plenty of space to enjoy. It will be more than just a beach between two parking lots. It’s a place for beach-goers and picnickers alike to enjoy.

As Alpena continues to evolve and grow as a community, it’s efforts like the tree planting today that help to improve the quality of life for all of us.