Do right thing, return items that were taken

To the person or persons who decided to help themselves to four running jackets, three pairs of running gloves, one pair of running pants, our energy packs and one fanny pack from under the stop sign at Long Lake Avenue and Hamilton Road on Saturday morning April 12, you have really disappointed us. Surely you could tell this stuff was not abandoned since it was sitting there with our water bottles in plain site. We chose to remove these items given the weather had warmed since we began our planned three hour run. It is very likely these items would not fit you since they are designed to be tighter fitting and on the small side. These jackets are not particularly warm unless you are exerting a great deal of energy over a sustained period of time. Collectively the four of us were fortunate we did not leave our car keys in our jackets. This would have made a bad situation even worse.

If your taking of these items was a mistake believing they were abandoned or was intentional and you cannot live with the guilt, feel free to place our items in a bag and drop them off at either First Federal branch location in Alpena. We will not ask questions but be grateful to have our sweaty running gear back. Do the right thing.

Mike Mahler

Presque Isle