Younger generation has civic-minded people

We moved to Alpena in 1965 and have witnessed many positive changes in 49 years. We have found it to be “a warm and friendly port, filled with generous people.

It is often said our City has many jewels such as our Alpena County Library, the Besser Museum for Northeast Michigan, and most recently the National Marine Sanctuary.

We have recently had the privilege of participating in Comedy/Concert For A Cause, sponsored by the APlex, another jewel in our community. Norm Sommerfeld, Director, and his staff have generously invited non-profit groups to assist in the APlex events in order to earn money for their organizations. Our experience as volunteers is with the Society of St. Vincent dePaul and the Association of Lifelong Learners. On all occasions Norm and his staff were helpful and friendly, enabling us to earn money to fulfill the Society’s mission of providing emergency services to those in need and ALL’s mission of expanding opportunities for adults to expand their horizons and remain physically and mentally active.

It is evident that our younger generation, who are very involved in our businesses and civic organizations, have creative, intelligent ideas, accompanied by a concern for their fellow man. We are proud to be citizens of Alpena and plan to spend our remaining years in this special community.

Jim and Carey Rapin