Bingham students learn about Titanic

ALPENA – Students at Bingham Arts Academy celebrated Titanic Day by dressing up and learning about some of the passengers aboard the ship Tuesday. The Titanic sank 102 years ago, and students were encouraged to learn about the culture of America in the year the ship sank, and also applied statistics about it to everyday subjects like math and art.

Students in Rachel Tisdale’s class each received a ticket for the Titanic’s last voyage with a name of a passenger. They learned more about the passengers and about the ship Tuesday, when they also learned whether the passenger they were studying survived or not.

“The students have been really excited about learning about the Titanic all week,” Tisdale said. “They worked on a fact and opinion paper about whether they think the ship should be raised or not, and also encorporated statistics about the ship into math problems. They have been drawing pictures all week and learning facts about the ship.”

Students kept a journal for their thoughts, and documented what they learned each day.

“The ship is a big source of facination for them,” Tisdale said. “They were very excited to learn more about it.”

Students in Amber Loney’s classroom also learned about the Titanic and its passengers, and were making their own lifeboats before they found out if the passengers went down with the ship or survived.

“The students have really had fun in the last week learning all about the ship and its passengers,” Loney said. “We’ve been doing a lot of math problems and adding facts about it to our daily assignments. Today the Captain (Loney) told them they had just hit an iceberg, and they were instructed to make a lifeboat to escape the ship.”

In order to build a lifeboat, students were using large pieces of paper and decorating it to look like a boat. They taped pieces together and added seats and personal touches with the hopes the people on their ticket would survive the disaster.

“Titanic Day is something we did last year and the students just loved it, so we decided to do it again this year,” Tisdale said. “It’s been a fun week for everyone, and the students have really learned a lot.”

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