APS personnel deserve community support

I work at Thunder Bay Junior High School as a teacher, and this much I know is true. Our world is changing. Change does not come easy, and our reaction to change can reveal volumes about our character. Our children need an education that prepares them for a world unlike the past. At TBJH, the vast majority of people I come in contact with are proactive, viewing difficult change as an opportunity. As I look around me, I see people who inspire and humble me with their dedication to our community, their work ethic, and commitment to our children. Please think about the influence and efforts of these groups of people (in no particular order) : Teachers, Instructional Assistants, Food Service Personnel, Custodians, Counselors, School Success Workers, ESD Consultants, Secretaries, Administrators, Elective Instructors, Athletic Coaches and all the fund raising contributors within our business community, Parent Volunteers, Technology Specialists, Security Personnel, Our Board of Education, Boys and Girls Club Affiliates, Special Education Instructors, and all those involved in Transportation. I consider myself blessed, to live in America, in Michigan, and especially, in Alpena. In these times, in light of the multitude of challenges our country faces, it seems absurd or at the least counter productive, to remain divided on temporary economic issues that may jeopardize our effectiveness. The groups mentioned above must represent a very large portion of Alpena’s economic middle class base. From my perspective we are divided in our efforts, when unity is critical. Don’t these groups deserve the support of our community, and state? Please support these groups and the (children) future citizens they work to empower.

Leonard Bromund