6 roads closed due to flooding

The Alpena Road Commission is advising motorists that many areas are experiencing flooding due to recent heavy rainfall.

It also is advising motorists that the following roadways are closed to through traffic due to flooding until further notice:

* Boilore Road between Cathro and Truckey

* Golf Course Road between US-23 and Genshaw

* Genshaw Road north of Long Rapids

* Princeton Avenue between US-23 and Glendale

* Sunset Boulevard between US-23 and Glendale

* Partridge Avenue between St. Onge and Glendale

Motorists are advised to avoid these areas as excessive traffic is contributing to damage to roadways and personal property.

Many roadside ditches are over capacity and water is flowing over the road in many areas. Other than possibly removing debris from a plugged drainage culvert, there is little road crews can do to alleviate these situations until the water dissipates.

The road commission issued a reminder to drivers to be alert and consider the danger caused by water over the road.

When the ground is saturated from rainstorms and melting snow and ice, water can rapidly accumulate on raodways, making driving conditions hazardous. It is often difficult to distinguish between water over the road and pavement at dusk or in the darkness. Water over the road at any depth can hide dangers such as washed out pavement, gravel or storm debris.

The road commission asks drivers to keep the following tips in mind:

* even a small layer of water over the road can cause vehicles to hydroplane, leading to the loss of traction and control.

* keeping culverts and drainage ditches clear from obstructions will help keep water off road surfaces.

* from dusk to dawn following heavy rainstorms, drivers should avoid low areas where water collects over the road.

* when roads are closed due to water over the do not ignore these important signs.