We no longer look to Constitution for direction

Who gives directions?

Solving the nation’s problems requires some kind of guidance or wisdom that provides a source of direction. The White House is surely not in a position to give direction. Dems are short on wisdom, guidance is not part of their plan and directions are the job of someone else. But, if for no other reason, out of respect, ask a Democrat for directions. They will not be able to give anything firm, but will blame lack of clear directions on the GOP. And all the while the GOP is proving that they are just as short on giving, having or following direction.

There was a time when every political decision began by looking at the constitution for direction. If the needed direction could not be located in the founding documents (our constitution) then it was not a political decision, not a decision to be made by elected officials. The reverse is true today. If it does not appear, with certainty, in the constitution then it must need legislation. Proof is: The constitution gives no direction on medical care, founding documents don’t provide directions for a national government education system and the 10th amendment does not direct the federal government to assume all powers not granted to the states. Certainly founding documents do not give directions to future generations to fill in any unused constitutional space with a new law or regulation.

The founders were very clear in following directions they received from the people. The Preamble to the Constitution gives firm direction when it begins by saying it is “We the People” who make this declaration. We the People have always provided the direction our country follows.

If there are any questions please refer to “The Constitution of the United States” for further directions.

Bob Lamb