Alpena needs a hospitality house for families

My husband and I stayed at the hospitality house in Traverse City so I could have surgery the next day. Imagine a 100-plus year old building renovated to serve as a safe haven for surgery patients and family. While my husband was checking out the moccasin supply down the road, I was checking out Our home for the night. You had kitchen privileges and if you know my husband, he is in his glory in the kitchen. Bright and early, he was down there putting on coffee. I searched all the library areas and browsed hundreds of books just itching to get in the hands of another reader. While nosing around I asked others their story and I found two ladies who were from Alpena. Another lady was there because she gave birth to a premie and had to spend weeks there as her daughter was cared for by Munson. A boy Dominic was free entertainment as he talked to me about his new baby brother who also was at Munson. Dominic and his Grandma were one week into a stay of probably another month while waiting for the baby to be released. Of course, here is what came to mind, We need this kind of hospitality house right here in Alpena. I know it has been tried but lets try again. If you build it they will come. With our cancer center and ARMC there is a need for a place like this here. I picture the old folks home as a place to be renovated for such a facility. It is close by, walking, or shuttle distance. When you have a loved one in the hospital, you need a place to call home. Please Alpena, let’s find a way to get that welcomed place, won’t you?

Melodee Marceau