Flight schedule part of problem at airport

I read with great mirth the column on why enplanements are down at the airport. I actually had to read the article twice due my disbelief. In my opinion, enplanements are down because there are no flights into Alpena from Detroit on Sunday, and only one very poorly scheduled flight from Minneapolis. In the past, as a Delta silver/gold medallion member (25,000/50,000) flight miles per year, I never missed a chance to fly in and out of Alpena. Now, I cannot get home on Sunday from just about anywhere because of the ridiculous Sunday APN flight schedule. As a result I use the Saginaw and Traverse City airports (a tremendous inconvenience). To be told that enplanements are down because travelers cannot fly from Detroit to Minneapolis through Alpena is just plain laughable. It’s not just me. Many of my fellow physicians have complained of the same problem and use other airports as well. We all have medical conferences, family visits and vacation travel made all the more inconvenient by the Sunday APN flight schedule.

Steven J Zweig, MD