Pitts’ columns continue to be embarrassment

What does the Alpena News have against Leonard Pitts? The News repeatedly publishes his column which unmercifully makes him look so foolish. In his recent column he calls us writers to the editor stupid. Talk about stupid. He should read his own column sometime. He loves to go back to the Trayvon Martin incident, you know the young man who was fatally shot while trying to murder Martin Zimmerman by bashing his head against a piece of concrete according to an eyewitness, as though that was some kind of racial hatred. Also, he questions the statistic that 97.2 percent of crime in America is committed by African Americans (hereafter AA), a large percentage of which is AA on white crime. He must never watch the news or read a paper. It is extremely rare when one finds white on AA crime. Leonard complains that AA preschoolers are more likely to be suspended, 42 percent of those suspended. Duh. Do you suppose that maybe it was because they misbehaved 42 percent more? And, of course, according the Leonard, the teachers so suspending the miscreants are racists. Pitts suggests that when people say, that for AA to have discussion on these things it proves their hatred of white people. Did you ever notice that Leonard never says that he doesn’t hate white people? We don’t know one way or the other about that, but what do you think when you read his articles. What does the News have against Leonard, publishing his nonsense all the time and making him look so utterly ridiculous?

Earl W. Elowsky