SkyWest to bid to be air service provider

The United States Department of Transportation has sent out a request for proposal for air service at the Alpena County Regional Airport and it appears current provider SkyWest is prepared to bid on the job again.

SkyWest took over all incoming and outgoing flights in Alpena in 2012 and its two-year deal expires in September. From 2011 and 2012 it took the DOT four bid openings before SkyWest after Delta Airline decided to end its service locally.

SkyWest Spokesperson Marissa Snow said the airline is pleased with the response it has from the airport, travelers from Northeast Michigan and is excited about growing its business in Alpena.

“We appreciate the relationship we have with the community and we are looking forward to working with it in finding ways to grow the demand,” Snow said. “We fully expect to bid on the service again.”

The deadline for bids to be submitted is May 14.