Make sure you’re insured to ease cost of care

A friend recently broke her leg. She does not have health care insurance. Her out-of-pocket costs are over $7,000. That’s actually not so bad. According to the Aflac Real Cost Calculator, the average medical cost of a broken leg for those without health care insurance is $10,000.

Extremity fractures (leg, arm) are the most common. For those below age 45, men break their legs most often. For those over age 45, women predominate. If you don’t have health care insurance, a hospital will usually charge you more than they do someone who has insurance. Good for the hospital. Not so good for you.

The deadline for signing up for health care insurance under the Affordable Care Act is the end of this month. If you don’t have insurance – and especially if you are one of the young “immortals” (mid-20s and up) who don’t think you need it – go to and listen to the stories. And yes, the site does work now.

Don’t be left holding a medical debt that will take you years to pay off.

John E. Laycock

Presque Isle