We need to properly spend health care funding

Gee, this really works out well. We can scoop off all the savings from the expansion of Medicaid (read “Obamacare”), cut service for multiple Community Mental Health programs and services and when the pain becomes evident we can blame (guess what?) … The Affordable Care Act. The dollars saved can then be used to plug holes in the budget elsewhere and help ensure the election of more “red staters” so it will become easier to “replace (?) and repeal” the hated ACA. Meanwhile, my daughter (Down’s Syndrome) can spend more time at home where “privatized” funding is conveniently available. And you thought our legislators were sleeping in Lansing? No such luck.

It would be nice if the local Op-ed writers could slack off on the poorly researched, unconstructive heavily biased political broadsides and focus on some more local issues that would attempt to inform rather than fuel more mindless divisiveness. I wouldn’t expect any Pulitzer prizes for the staff this year.

Wayne and Laura