Writer should put library fee into context

To the lady who was “upset by the library fee” …. You say that you attend church in Alpena, your doctor and dentist are in Alpena and you shop almost completly in Alpena and you wonder if Alpena will now charge you for these activities as you don’t pay taxes in Alpena.

Do you not tithe at church? Do you not receive bills from your doctor and dentist? When you shop do you not pay for the items plus taxes on those items? Please keep in mind that all the tax paying residents of Alpena county pay a 0.7457 millage and will pay an additional 0.25 in the coming year for the library. A vast number of these payees have not, and will never set foot in the library but they pay anyway. They have never turned down a library millage at the voting booth. They realize the value and importance of having a library in their county and are doing their part in keeping it open – even for the “small towns and burbs” outside of Alpena.

You say that you hope the received money will make up for the bad feelings this has given you about Alpena … I hope the money will ease the burden of keeping this well run and well administered library open to a public that appreciates the work and commitment of the employees who provide all of us with a welcome place to visit. Now all of us; from the city, “small town and burbs” will “somehow be working together to make life better.”

By the way, I also, live seven miles outside the county and have considered it a privilege all these years to carry an Alpena Library card.

Mary Goss

Presque Isle