Montmorency terminates contract with NEMAH

ATLANTA The Montmorency County Board of Commissioners approved a motion to terminate its contract with Northeast Michigan Affordable Housing because the organization was discontinued at its meeting Wednesday. Former NEMAH administrator Michelle LaBar answered commissioners’ questions and requested that the termination of the county’s contract with NEMAH be submitted to the Michigan State Housing Development Authority.

“NEMAH as a housing organization doesn’t exist,” LaBar said. “The board is still there because they have to go through the process of dissolving through the attorney general’s office, but that’s all that exists.”

MHSDA also required a request for proposals to be submitted in order for the county to take on someone else as its housing administrator. The board approved to advertise for the housing administrator position, and until that position is filled, LaBar will be keeping the records in order and handling borrower information.

Chair Gene Thornton said there were issues within the organization dealing with paperwork and record keeping problems, and the state decided to dissolve the organization based on the issues.

The commissioners approved additional resolutions for fair housing, and to apply for funds for the current funding period, which would be the county allocation money. The grant amount would be for $150,000.

In other business:

* claims and accounts of $211,379.44 were approved by the board.

* Undersheriff Brian Crane said there are now 13 state inmates at the jail.

* the next board meeting will be April 9 at 9 a.m. at the Montmorency County Courthouse.

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