In agreement that liberty makes country great

I am writing to voice my agreement and support for Delbert Beyer’s letter regarding the supreme importance of liberty. Democracy is considered by many to be of prime importance but, as Delbert pointed out, it is not mentioned in the documents that founded this country and its ideals. Democracy, as many seem to conceive it, means that if the majority wants it, then it shall be so. So if the majority says that all cars should be pink, they should all be pink? I don’t think so. The color of one’s car is a matter for the individual to decide. All matters of choice should be left to the individual unless the consequence of one individual’s choice harms others unjustifiably. The fact that you and a majority of others are convinced that cars should only be pink is not justification to impose your will and deny the liberty of others who would like their car to be blue.

Many from America have fought and even died for liberty. Every day individuals choose to forego safety to enjoy the rewards of risking injury or death. This is not being recognized by our growing nanny state government. It presumes to save us from ourselves. In doing so it destroys the thing of greatest value: Individual Liberty. A change in government is needed to preserve and enhance this great country. I can only hope that it will come to pass. I believe Liberty matters too, Delbert. I hope that we are not alone.

Peter Eastwood