Alpena Township supervisor a good leader

Sandie Nowak, Presque Isle County Township Supervisor should not be a member of the fire department (March 12, 2014). That’s like saying should not take your care to an auto mechanic that has training in auto repair and hands on experience working on cars.

Fortunately the residents of Alpena Township have a fire chief with training and hands on experience. She is the senior, the longest-serving member of the department, the knowledge and experience she has, come prior to the rest of the department staff, this helps our township supervisor make good sound decisions when purchasing equipment for the department, it also saves the taxpayers money, not having to pay two positions. In the old days you learned on the job when you were sent to the truck to find something, when you found, then you knew where to look the next time, now you start with schooling, firefighter and so on, just like the chief did and you learn where things are on the truck, before being on scene. Our fire department has come a long ways baby, so the next time Alpena Township residents, you see your supervisor and chief, thank her for holding down two jobs for price of one.

Mrs. Nowak, your problem in Presque Isle is not joing positions, it’s most likely mismanagement or fraud. Our chief and her braves do not need Presque Isle, Presque Isle needs them.

Joe Marcotte