NEMCSA helps mom return home to live

Nowadays we read so much about bad things that are happening, we don’t often hear about good things. I would like to point out the good being done by our Alpena NEMCSA organization. Recently my mom, June Thompson, had undergone her fourth major surgery. She was released from Alpena Tendercare in January, where she received wonderful care and rehab assistance. NEMCSA contacted us before her discharge. Meghan Winterstein and Laurel Nowak RN have been working with us ever since. My mom has been able to live at home again. NEMCSA has resources that have brought in home health care. These are wonderful caregivers that help my mom with daily needs. Meghan and Laurel have spent countless hours on my mom, most recently she received personal care items. NEMCSA has arranged meals on wheels delivered daily. These are great meals that come from our senior center. With all of this help my mom has been able to return home safely. Meghan had a life alert system in place the day my mom returned home. Most recently Michelle at NEMCSA was able to prepare her 2013 income taxes at no charge. Meghan or Laurel call my mom ofent to check on her an doffer new assistance. Today she is being signed up for commodities. Words cannot express the thanks we have for these wonderful people, for all the countless hours put in on my mom’s behalf. If you or a loved one are in need of assistance, I highly recommend you call our Alpena NEMCSA today.

Jackie Leavesley