Editorial: Crowded millage ballot could leave some without

The August ballot for Alpena County voters is quickly becoming saturated with ballot issues.

To date three millage renewals will be before voters and a fourth is expected to be added before the filing deadline.

Already with the three, we’re concerned as to their fate.

Millage requests to date include:

* Renewal of youth and recreation request for four years, 0.5 mill.

* Renewal of county ambulance services request for six years, 0.9720 mill.

* Renewal of older persons request for four years, 0.5394 mill. This millage also contains a separate request to restore a Headlee rollback to the millage, another 0.55 mill.

Not yet filed, but expected to join the group, is a veterans support request.

Elections that are crowded with millage requests concern us. As voters are experiencing increases in everything from water to gasoline, cable to groceries, there becomes a mindset with taxpayers that “enough is enough.”

Even though these requests are renewals and even though each can be successfully argued as to their need, there comes a point when voters believe the only real power they hold in their possession regarding their economic future is at the polling place – where they control the purse strings.

Obviously millage proponents are confident their requests will be approved by voters, no matter how crowded the field becomes. A lot of important programming is at stake here, so we hope their confidence proves correct.