Maple syrup producers provide tasty treat

With Gov. Snyder proclaiming March to be “Michigan Maple Syrup Month,” this is an appropriate time to say ‘thank you’ to all the maple syrup producers in the state for all their hard work and for providing us with such a tasty treat. Unless you have actually done it before, it’s hard to appreciate how much work goes into producing just one gallon of maple syrup. Approximately forty gallons of maple sap must be collected in order to make one gallon of maple syrup and weather conditions play an important role in a successful yield. Last year our state producers cranked-out 148,000 gallons of maple goodness which ranked Michigan sixth nationally.

In the coming years, the maple syrup industry might be taking center-stage, with the likelihood of a new descriptive grading system by the USDA, new challenges of protecting maple trees from the Asian long-horned beetle and new technology of collecting maple sap discovered by two professors from the University of Vermont.

But for now, let us enjoy our wonderful, Michigan-produced maple syrup and we should all take advantage of the many maple syrup festivals taking place this month state-wide. Hot pancakes and Michigan maple syrup, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Mike Dotsch