Dog owners need to clean up after their pets

First and foremost I am a dog lover and owner who walks our pet almost every day and always have a poop bad in a pocket. I can see a lot of other pet owners have failed to carry or seek out a poop bag to clean up after their pet as there seems to be poop along all of the public walkways, bike paths and city parks. More will appear as the snow melts. These places are used by walkers, families, runners, bikers and many more who would rather not come in contact with the waste of pets on shoes, bike tires, children and clothes. I know there is a law to prevent this but enforcement seems to be lacking. The city has done a fine job of supplying poop bags in many of these locations for public use. Maybe consequences for not cleaning up after ones pet should be harsher including larger fines and community service cleaning up these areas. Be a responsible pet owner and clean up after your pets and keep them leashed.

Dennis Harris