Posen students may take online classes for credit

POSEN – Students at Posen Consolidated Schools can now take online classes for regular credit, with a few stipulations.

The board of education adopted an online class policy at its meeting Monday, Superintendent John Palmer said. Students can take online classes if it’s a subject the district doesn’t offer or one the student hasn’t failed.

State law requires the district to make the option available, Palmer said. Parents or students have to pay for the class first, and will be reimbursed by the district when the student shows they’ve passed the class, board President Ken Wozniak said. The costs vary depending on who’s providing the classes.

“It’s a good thing, it’s giving the students more options,” he said.

In other business:

* board members accepted the resignation of school Secretary Bernadette Shafto. She accepted a full-time job in Rogers City, and today will be her last day, Wozniak said. The district will have someone filling the position on an interim basis, and will hire someone in the future.

* the board accepted a one-year leave of absence request from junior varsity softball coach Hannah Pontius, Wozniak said. The district is looking for someone to fill in for the year.

* board members discussed a letter they received from the United States Secretary of State’s office commending the district and host families for taking in foreign exchange students. The benefits are twofold: while students get to meet people from other cultures, the district gets the same per-pupil state aid for exchange students as for others, Wozniak said.

* board members heard about new Environmental Protection Agency regulations requiring schools to get rid of fluorescent lighting by June due to the toxins in the bulbs, Palmer said. Posen Schools already has all new LED lighting. They also discussed putting a lock on the school building’s front door so visitors would have to be let in by the secretary during the day. In the same vein, board members learned that new fire prevention code changes require more lockdown drills and less fire drills.

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