Yellow journalism led to the war on drugs

Hello and good day, Alpena News readers. I wrote a letter to the Editor last week about my thoughts on an article that presented a skewed view on the Keystone XL Pipeline. The article also mentioned marihuana policy, which I alluded to in my Letter. “Yellow Journalism” was a term coined in the late 1800s when the giants of the day Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst ran newspapers that featured shoddily researched and loudly presented headlines to sell newspapers. Hearst, in particular used that quality to wage a war on the Cannabis plant, as he was also in the business of manufacturing newsprint, and his product, oil based, was in direct competition with hemp paper, which was a superior product. His newsprint would “yellow” shortly after the paper was out, hence the double meaning of “Yellow Journalism.” His war on hemp was a huge influence on the demonization of Marihuana, which continues today in the disastrous, immoral Drug War.

Michael N. Spicer