Upset by library fee for living outside county

Last Saturday I was very disappointed to find out that I could no longer take out books on tape from the Alpena Public Library without paying $25 per year because I live seven miles outside of the Alpena Twp. I attend church in Alpena and my doctor and dentist are in Alpena and I shop almost completely in Alpena. I wonder if Alpena will now wish to charge me for these things also as I don’t pay taxes in Alpena. The Chamber lady who writes about how friendly Alpena is and welcoming to visitors didn’t know about the new charges. I hope that the money you receive from this charge will make up for the bad feelings you have given to me about Alpena. I thought that all of us in small cities and burbs were somehow working together to make life better, but I guess that is not so true anymore.

Sally Bonner