Technology advances keep helping with vision

Being an Optometrist for 40 years here in Alpena I have seen a lot of changes in my profession but most recently the advances in lens styles and coatings have addressed the way we use our eyes in the 21st century. With the majority of people using computers, smart phones and other electronic devices the medical doctors are seeing an increase of orthopedic problems from neck strain. New occupational lenses have been developed to meet this need. They allow you to see clearly in a natural, comfortable position. They also allow a larger mid range for reading. The anti-glare coatings have been much improved so that they repel dust and dirt and fingerprints and face oils wipe off easily. This coating is applied to lenses to decrease glare and is highly suggested for computer users and to help with night driving and glare. Up to 99 percent of the glare is eliminated with this coating.

There is a new generation of Transition lenses available this year that allows maximum indoor clarity and responsiveness to ultra violet light outdoors. They are more reactive to indirect sunlight. Through research and development the optical industry is always offering us new options, but this year is one of the most exciting in being able to prescribe the lens that will increase your ability to experience the clearer, sharpest vision possible. I would like to encourage everyone to see their Optometrist and check out these new advances in vision.

James F. Van Wagnen O.D.