Liberty is most important word for country

This letter was written because of growing personal concerns about the dangerous places that our nation’s progressive elected leaders are taking this nation. I could avoid these concerns by saying and doing nothing or simply stating to others that I am only one person and can do nothing to prevent what is happening. However, the words of Martin Luther King keep blocking the possible paths leading to an escape from my personal responsibilities. He said: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” I choose, therefore, to share “Things That Matter” for your consideration.

Without question, The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, the Bill of Rights and Amendments numbered 11 through 27 matter. Name a commonly overlooked word carrying the weight and promise of vast historical and personal importance that also matters. No, that word is not democracy. Democracy does not appear in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution or its amendments. The word is Liberty.

Read your nation’s treasures and rediscover for yourself that Liberty is an “unalienable Right” and the government is merely the employee whom we have historically hired to “preserve and protect” this “Right.” Liberty is not a Supreme Court ruling, a Presidential exemption, a Congressional law or a governmental agency mandate. Liberty was “endowed by your creator” and that really does matter. You are American citizens and you have responsibilities and voices. Remind yourself and others of what you and few others on this earth possess. Always remember that Liberty can be taken away through stealth as well as by force. Those who follow progressive ideals are following paths which are designed to marginalize what was fought for, acquired and now taken for granted. I believe Liberty matters.