Parents could learn about class from students

I saw something twice at the basketball games last week that I must tell you about. I have long been an Alcona High School basketball fan and attend many other games as well. This message is to all of the so called adults reading the paper. During a game at Oscoda when Oscoda was playing but Alcona was not I saw a group of young Oscoda fans join the Alcona fans in cheering for the Alcona team. I thought that was very classy on the part of Oscoda. The following night when Oscoda was playing and Alcona was not, I saw a group of young Alcona fans join the Oscoda cheering section and I thought that was also a class act.

The disturbing thing was that some adults thought that was wrong by both groups of fans. What can be wrong with cheering for your neighboring school when your own school is not playing? Are all of the problems coming from the adults? It looks like the kids have the answers while the adults are trying to spread hate and disrespect. I believe that high School sports should be about playing as well as you can and when it is over you shake your opponents hand and await the next game. Is all of this negative stuff coming from the college scene where money rules and they teach that you are not only trying to beat your opponent but you should also show no respect for them and should actually not like them? I heard through the grapevine that some of the kids got reprimanded for this behavior and if that is true I think that those who did the reprimanding should be reprimanded them selves. Come on adults, show some class and grow up.